Every company has different criterion as far as the satisfaction policy is concerned.  MUGHAL INDIGO tends have more than one policy for their customers. We believe in deep penetration of the satisfaction level. Most of the times customers need something but they are not able to express it somehow and this is the point where we grab our magic wands and fulfill the needs. Needs are not satisfied, they are fulfilled and we take immense pride in declaring that our company has perfectly implanted the policy of penetrating deep in the person’s satisfaction level. However, every case of the universe incorporates some queries. Mentioned below are some queries and their answers.

  1. Why exactly are the prices of your products lower than other sellers/websites? 
  2. MUGHAL INDIGO is basically engaged in mass level production incorporated by skilled labor and the most modern technology. This mass level production makes us low-cost leader in the market and this is the core reason why MUGHAL INDIGO  are perfectly able to deliver top notch quality at low prices.
  3. What standard do you maintain as far as quality is concerned? 
  4. We don’t follow sampling technique but our goods are inspected at every level of production starting from the raw material collection. We maintain perfect level of quality. However, we now focus upon new six sigma technique to minimize any chance and occurrence of defects in the goods from the grass root level in the entire manufacturing and delivery cycle. This particular technique will reduce a lot of uncertainty and defect level while keeping the quality percentage constant.
  5. What is your payment procedure? 
  6. MUGHAL INDIGO is now offering very easy and quite convenient mode of payments which is available to worldwide customers via widely accepted payment gateways.
  7. How much time will it take to receive my order? 
  8. MUGHAL INDIGO deliver your orders in no more than 30-45 days other than any forced majeure conditions or some unavoidable circumstances. However, any delay in the process is promptly communicated and informed in any case of above stated situations with positive skills and actions.
  9. Are the orders delivered worldwide? 
  10. Yes, MUGHAL INDIGO products are delivered worldwide by the well-known and trustful courier and Postal Services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS etc. on perfectly reasonable rates.
  11. Do you also provide tracking numbers of the orders shipped? 
  12. Yes, MUGHAL INDIGO provides tracking numbers of every item purchased usually within 2 business days of item dispatched.
  13. Can I make a change after I have placed my respective order? 
  14. A. Yes, MUGHAL INDIGO accepts changes in the order. However, these changes must be communicated within 24 hours of the initial order placement.